Put THANKS into your pocket! ;)

Thank you! is not something you can put into your pocket, the joke tells. Now you can really monetize your gratitude into 1 Penny at a time - by sending your thanks to them. Let the person who deserves your gratitude, or even just someone, feel you in a better way. Penny is no more than a penny but now you make it value an eternal human Thank you!

FlyPenny Philosophy

In furious and chaotic pace of online communication when people talk simultaneously and do not actually hear each other, the most valuable thing is a personal act, a responsible deliberate action towards another person. In millions of blogs and posts we address purportedly all the world, and in fact – the void. The same thing happens to our own statements, purportedly seen by all, mostly friends, though hardly or never responded.

And abruptly among this bustle and futility you have the opportunity to tell valuable things to people you care for, or those you often think but hesitate to contact directly because of misunderstanding, old grudges, etc. Developing friendly relations is always for the mutual benefit of all. You should never doubt that every person feels like that, even your "enemies", because everyone wants one thing on the first place, to be loved!

You can receive Penny both, from individuals and retailers, cafes or restaurants, hotels, and other places you visit. The received Penny can be spent when you are paying for goods or services, while it is up to a particular retailer to establish the value of one Penny, for example, 1 USA cent, or 1 RF ruble.

Friendly Look

FlyPenny App activity is supported by Visa and MasterCard, and SecureCode security system

Interactive Design

User friendly interactive design of FlyPenny App is made for you to express your gratitude to others

Easy to Use

After sign in you will get 100 pennies on your FlyPenny account and be able to send your thanks to people

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With FlyPenny you can turn your thanks into money

Friendly Design

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